OSHER: My journey to Judaism

Last year I began writing a book about my conversion to Judaism. I wanted to document an extraordinary year of study and my exploration of this new faith. I also wanted to answer the many questions that family and friends asked me about why I chose this path. I’m delighted to say that my first book, Osher: My Journey to Judaism is now available.

Osher: My Journey to Judaism is now available worldwide.

You can read more about it here.

“The tender story of a woman who feels that in converting to Judaism, she is coming home. A love letter about family, faith and osher – happiness”

Sherri Mandell, award-winning author

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Osher, the Hebrew word for ‘joy, fortunate, blessing’, is the truthful, moving story of Tetiana Michaels’ search for truth and meaning and a journey into a new and welcoming faith.

Tetiana Michaels was born into a loving Orthodox Christian family in Ukraine. A stellar legal career led her to practising in Ukraine, England and Switzerland. Yet, despite all going so well in her career and relationships, she felt as if something were missing.

Meeting the man who was to become her husband – the son of a Rabbi – opened her eyes to the Jewish faith. She found herself drawn to the rituals, to the ancient texts and, strangely, to the sense of a connection to her own past. Could this be the spiritual path that she had been looking for?

Tetiana was faced with many questions from curious friends, colleagues and family when talking of her conversion to Judaism, and in seeking to find those answers she came to examine her own motivations and faith.

Books played a crucial role in her conversion to Judiasm, yet when it came to reading the personal stories of others in her position, there were very few books of this kind to be found.

As she awaits the birth of her first child, Tetiana Michaels reflects on a year of intense study and observation to tell the story of how she became Jewish. In doing so, she hopes her own personal experience might be enlightening to others, curious about what it means to convert and the joy that Jewish life can bring.

About me

I was born in 1986 and grew up in a part of Western Ukraine known as Bukovyna, in a city called Chernivtsi, historically predominately Jewish. I received Master’s degrees in law from top universities in Ukraine, the USA and the UK and then pursued an international legal career. I live in Zurich with my husband and daughter.


“The tender story of a woman who feels that in converting to Judaism, she is coming home. A love letter about family, faith and osher – happiness”.

Sherri Mandell, award-winning author

“In reflecting on the intimacies of choosing Judaism as an adult, Tetiana Michaels provides a thoughtful, generous study partner or hevruta for others experiencing the deeply personal changes of becoming a Jew. And for those born Jewish but looking for more from it, Michaels’ gratitude, wonder, and nuance will inspire a fresh sense of appreciation and love for tradition”.

Dr. Stephen Arnoff, CEO of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center

Osher: My Journey to Judaism by Tetiana Michaels is a gripping memoir of the author’s experience of converting to Judaism. She is forthright in describing both the joys and challenges in embracing Jewish tradition. I believe this book would be a helpful guide to students either considering or in the midst of the conversion process. I know I will encourage my future conversion students to read it.

Rabbi Ed Bernstein, Host, My Teacher Podcast: Celebrating the People Who Shape Our Lives

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2 thoughts on “OSHER: My journey to Judaism

  1. Ich bin eine Schweizerin , die seit 2 Jahren in Jerusalem lebt und zum Judentum konvertieren möchte
    Gibt’s das Buch auch in deutsch ?


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